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Professional one-stop service of ground engineering for computer
rooms since 1993

TEL:+86 020-37225758 13428818161

+86 020-37225758
+86 13428818161

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Dear visitor: Welcome to the "Contact Us" page, your visit is support for us, we sincerely welcome your presence! Guangdong Huihua Hongye Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. impressed customers with excellent technology and sincere service. Let "Guangdong Huihua Hongye Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd." become a trustworthy enterprise. You can contact us in the following ways.

  • Contact person:+86 13428818161/Miss Hu(Same number as WeChat)

  • Contact person:+86 13902294776/Mr. Li

  • Telephone:+86 020-37225758

  • Mail box:+86 020-37225788

  • Mail box:huihuaco@163.com / 598878620@qq.com

  • Address:Unit 101, Floor 1, Liqingxuan, 15 Dongguanzhuang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510610, China