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Main business scope:

 Guangdong Huihua Hongye Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. is based on technology development, combining technology, industry and trade, specializing in research and development of anti-static engineering materials and anti-static equipment, supporting supply, electronic industrial production plants and computer communication equipment room defense High-tech economic entity for electrostatic engineering design and construction.Specially research and develop anti-static floor materials and anti-static floors, professional production and sales of ceramic anti-static floors, all-steel anti-static floors, aluminum alloy anti-static floors, three anti-static floors, anti-static ceramic floor tiles, anion ecological ceramic tiles Dragon services companies.

Business Scope

1. Undertake the design and construction of the environmental engineering of computer communication rooms and control dispatch centers.
2. Undertake the design and construction of anti-static projects such as information industry industrial workshops, ordnance gunpowder depots, oil depots, and hospital operating rooms.
3. Exclusive production, wholesale and sale of ceramic anti-static series flooring and supporting equipment.
4. Direct sales supply a wide variety of anti-static protection products at home and abroad.
5. To undertake a series of renovation projects such as firefighting for the uninterrupted business of the communication equipment room-the old equipment room.
6. Consultation service on electrostatic protection technology.
7. Build shielded computer room project and sell shielded cabinets.