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4Common Problem

Calcium sulfate floorMoisture proof, fire safety, anti-rust, sound insulation performance is good.Calcium sulfate floor tiles are made of real materials. The product features all-inclusive structure, good airtightness, high tensile strength and no deformation; the outer surface is neat and beautiful, specifications, and surface flatness is good; It can show high quality and stable reliability for processing industry and industrial park.

How to protect calcium sulfate floor in life?

The material of calcium sulfate floor is brittle, so it is not allowed to walk on the top with hard boots like high-heeled shoes, and it is not necessary to use hard blocks to portray on the floor tiles.If the floor tiles are inadvertently contaminated with oil stains, it is not necessary to immediately clean them with tap water. They should be cleaned with diesel oil, detergent, etc., and then the surface layer should be polished to solve it.

On the other hand, the bottom pavement of floor tiles should also be cleaned quarterly, usually several times in two months, and used by professional technicians.

1. When carrying items on the raised floor, it is forbidden to directly push the object on the board surface, so that the object and the ground are directly rubbed, causing the board surface to be scratched;


2. You can use a clean mop and rag to keep the board clean. Be careful not to spill a lot of water, detergent and other liquids on the floor, so as not to affect the duration of use of the static dissipative floor and the lines and circuits under the anti-static floor. The normal operation of the equipment;

3. When performing maintenance on the equipment in the space below the floor, use a floor suction plate to install the floor, and disassemble and disassemble the floor with care, so as not to damage the anti-static (a static charge) floor;

4. When carrying items, use a cart with rubber wheels to carry or lay isolation pads between the contour of the object and the floor to prevent damage to the board;

5. Prohibit sharp (sharp ends of objects), sharp-edged appliances on the surface of the decorative accessories of the raised floor to directly control the construction operation to prevent damage to the decorative surface's anti-static (a static charge) performance and aesthetics;

6. When placing heavy objects on the surface of the anti-static (which is a static charge) movable board, it should be placed steadily to avoid damage to the dissipative static floor;