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F6611 anti-static porcelain floor tiles (beige)

Details Description

▲Anti-static porcelain floor adopts high-tech. In the process of ceramic tile quality change, inorganic high temperature resistant conductive material is incorporated into the ceramic for physical modification, which is fired at 1280℃ high temperature, so as to permanently and completely prevent static electricity.

▲Anti-static ceramic floor tile is a new type of anti-static functional material, which overcomes the problems of polymer materials such as epoxy and melamine, PVC anti-static floor, anti-static rubber board, etc. that are easy to age, not wear-resistant, easy to pollute, durable and fire-resistant.

▲Features:It has green environmental protection, stable anti-static performance, fireproof A grade, waterproof and anti-permeation, anti-smudge, anti-skid; ultra-high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, extreme cold and heat resistance, elegant color; easy to clean and easy Installation of high-tech functional ceramic floor tiles such as high-end art deco effects.

▲Main performance index:
Conductivity:Surface resistance10^6~10^9Ω
Volume resistivity:10^5~10^9Ω/㎡
Pyrotechnic performance:≥1280℃
Extreme cold and extreme heat resistance:-10℃— 50℃
No obvious cracks after 10 rapid cooling and heating cycles
Abrasion resistance:0.1/2000turn
Water absorption:﹤0.5%
Flexural strength:The average value is not less than27Mpa

▲Floor specifications:600×600×10mm  800×800×12mm

▲Scope of application:Computer room, ESD workshop, battery power room, satellite launch station ground and upper wiring and air supply room that need anti-static ground

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