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F6631 Anti-static ceramic calcium sulfate raised floor

Details Description

Anti-static ceramic metal-composite raised floor,Using 10mm thick anti-static ceramic floor tiles as the surface layer, composite on 22mm thick high-strength inorganic material calcium sulfate or water glass, fiber composite substrate, galvanized steel plate or aluminum thin plate back cover, conductive black rubber strips around the edge , Crafted.

▲Features:The surface colors are diverse, green and environmentally friendly, anti-static and stable, fire-proof A grade, waterproof and moisture-proof; extremely cold and hot resistant, high wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high load bearing, long life, elegant color, easy to clean and other advantages.

▲Main technical indicators and parameters
Surface resistance:10∧5 ~10∧9Ω    
Volume resistivity:10∧6 ~10∧9Ω/㎡
Static starting voltage: ≤50V
Half-life time:≤ 0.5

Mechanical behavior:
Uniform load: kg ≥ 1600KG
Ultimate concentrated load: kg≥ 450KG

Aging resistance:
Service life more than 30 years

▲specification:600×600×32mm / 600×600×35mm / 600×600×40mm

▲Scope of application:Medium and large cloud computer rooms with high anti-static requirements.

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