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F6641 anti-static ceramic steel base raised floor

Details Description

▲Antistatic ceramic steel base raised floor,Using 10mm thick anti-static ceramic floor tiles as the surface layer, compounded on 30mm or 35mm thick high-strength stamping steel shell filled foam cement substrate, conductive black rubber strips around the edges, finely made.

▲Features:The surface colors are diverse, green and environmentally friendly, anti-static and stable, fire-proof grade A, waterproof, and moisture-proof; extremely cold and hot, high wear resistance, high load resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, elegant color, easy to clean, etc. advantage.

▲Main technical indicators and parameters:

Conductivity:Surface resistance10∧5 ~10∧9Ω    
Volume resistivity10∧6 ~10∧9Ω/㎡
Static starting voltage: ≤50V
Half-life :≤ 0.5
Mechanical behavior:Uniform load   kg ≥ 1600KG
Ultimate concentrated load   kg≥ 450KG
Aging resistance:Service life more than 30 years       

▲specification:>600x600×40 / 45mm

▲Scope of application:Mainly used in cloud computer rooms, multi-media voice rooms, and various communication rooms with high requirements and long service life(Satellite ground station computer room, microwave communication, mobile communication) power dispatch center, subway control center, traffic control center, highway management center, various data access (output) centers, microelectronics production and installation workshops, laboratories, purification workshops, etc.

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