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F5566 all steel anti-static floor

Details Description

▲All steel anti-static raised floor,It is made of high-quality alloy cold-rolled steel plate (Baosteel steel), which is formed by spot welding after stretching.The outer surface is treated with electrostatic spraying after phosphating, the inner cavity is filled with standard foamed cement, the surface layer is pasted with anti-static and high-wear-resistance (HPL or PVC) veneer, and the static conductive black edge strips are used to seal the edges.

▲Features:Stable anti-static performance, moisture-proof, fire-proof, overhead activities, convenient installation, high load-bearing, economical and cost-effective

▲Main technical indicators and parameters:
Conductivity:Surface resistance 10∧6 ~10∧9Ω    
Volume resistance10∧5~10∧10Ω/㎡
Abrasion resistance:0.1g/1000turn
Water absorption:<0.5%
Flexural strength:The average value is not less than 27Mpa
Uniform load:≥1300Kg
Concentrated load:≥450Kg
Wear resistance:≥2000rpm

▲Specifications Model:600×600×30mm、600×600×35mm

▲Applicable places:School computer room, IDC room, communication room, cloud data room, electronic production ESD workshop, fire control center, purification workshop, central control room, monitoring room, subway, power plant room, electronic instrument factory assembly workshop, precision optical instrument manufacturing workshop, Monitoring and control center, audio-visual classroom, electronic reading room, various military, economic, national security, aviation, aerospace and traffic command and dispatch centers, electrical control computer rooms and national information management centers, etc., dust-proof, anti-static and computer room occasions that require overhead wiring .

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