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F6648 aluminum alloy anti-static raised floor

Details Description

▲The base of the aluminum alloy anti-static floor is high-pressure cast aluminum all-aluminum metal material, and the surface layer can be compounded with anti-static ceramic tiles, anti-static PVC, and anti-static HPL surface layer.

▲Features:It has the advantages of green environmental protection, stable anti-static performance, long service life, high load-bearing, solid and stable, no dust, corrosion resistance, light weight, class A fireproof material, anti-magnetic, etc. It has multiple veneers, repeated use, and recycling value high! Is a high quality,Anti-static floor with high environmental protection and high cost performance.

▲Main technical indicators and parameters:

Anti-static performance:System resistance:10∧5 ~10∧9Ω

Static starting voltage:<50V


Mechanical behavior:Uniform load>2000KG

Ultimate concentrated load>500KG

Aging resistance:Service life more than 50 years

Fire resistance:National Class A fireproof material

▲Product specification: 600x600x40mm / 600x600x50mm

▲Scope of application:School computer room, IDC room, communication room, cloud data room, electronic production ESD workshop, fire control center, purification workshop, central control room, monitoring room, subway, power plant room, electronic instrument factory assembly workshop, precision optical instrument manufacturing workshop, Monitoring and control center, audio-visual classroom, electronic reading room, various military, economic, national security, aviation, aerospace and traffic command and dispatch centers, electrical control computer rooms and national information management centers, etc., dust-proof, anti-static and computer room occasions that require overhead wiring .

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