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Anti-static aluminum alloy movable ventilation floor

Details Description

▲Provide ventilation function, can be used together with air volume adjustment, the surface can be pasted with various anti-static surface layers, and has strong applicability. Ventilation panels can be used in conjunction with standard anti-static raised floors or can be paved separately. Functional characteristics to meet the heat dissipation and high load ventilation requirements of equipment rooms

1. Strong ventilation, 18-60% ventilation rate;
2. Light weight, good bearing capacity and impact resistance, excellent anti-static performance;
3. The surface smoothness and shape size are high precision, and the floor can be interchanged at will;
4. The appearance is neat and beautiful, the laying joints are even and fine, and the decoration is strong;
5. The ventilation volume can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various levels of purification environment.


65% ventilation rate     30% ventilation rate      40% ventilation rate

20% ventilation rate     55% ventilation rate

▲Scope of application:Various computer rooms ( IDC machine room, communication machine room, cloud data machine room, electronic production ESD workshop, fire control center, purification workshop, central control room, monitoring room, subway, power plant room, electronic instrument factory assembly workshop, precision optical instrument manufacturing workshop, monitoring command center, Electrified classrooms, electronic reading rooms, various military, economic, national security, aviation, aerospace and traffic command and dispatch centers, electrical control computer rooms, and national information management centers, such as dust-proof, anti-static and computer room occasions that require overhead wiring.)

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