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F6612 anti-static PVC floor

Details Description

▲Anti-static PVC floor is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, using advanced surface treatment technology, adding conductive materials, stabilizers, plasticizers, and coloring materials and other auxiliary materials, and made by special processing technology.

▲Features:The product power grid is clear and evenly distributed, and the resistance dispersion is small. PVC anti-static floor is the best product to implement anti-static (static discharge control) to protect the ground. The homogeneous transparent chip ensures excellent physical properties and has good chemical resistance. Strong toughness, good impact resistance, PVC anti-static floor surface is smooth and non-porous, light and thin texture, convenient installation, noise reduction, etc.

▲Main performance index:

Conductivity: SJ/T11236-2001    1.0×104<1.0×106 

Static dissipation: SJ/T11236-2001  1.0×106-1.0×109

Starting voltage: SJ/T11236-2001     1VI <100V

Static voltage decay period:GJB2605-1996  ≤2S

Abrasion:GB4085-83 ≤0.02g / 1000turn

Heating length change rate: GB4085-83  ≤0.4%

Water absorption length change rate: GB4085-83  ≤0.15%

Combustion performance:GB4609-84 FV-O <10s

Color fastness:ISO 105B 02  <6

▲Scope of application:Factory building, hospital, school

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