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F6613 Epoxy self-flowing floor

Details Description

▲The anti-static epoxy artesian floor is made of water-based tree finger floor paint after multiple on-site constructions. The anti-static effect is excellent and lasting without being affected by time, temperature, humidity, etc.

▲Construction process: 1. Base surface treatment; 2. Paint sealing primer; 3. Lay copper wire and mowing trough; 4. Scrape conductive middle layer paint; 5. Polish and vacuum; 6. Spray antistatic top paint;


  • 1. Excellent and long-lasting antistatic effect, seamlessly connected to the grounding surface, not affected by time, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • 2. Dust-proof, moisture-proof and wear-resistant
  • 3. Smooth and smooth surface
  • 4. Service life: generally more than 10 years
  • ▲Main performance index:
    Drying time:Surface stem:≤4
    Hard work:≤24
    Adhesion/level:1 Pencil hardness:2H
    Impact resistance:40by
    Flexibility:3mm by
    Abrasion resistance(75g/500r,weightlessness/g):<0.02
    Water resistance:48Hourly change
    Resistance to 10% sulfuric acid:No change in 56 days
    Resistant to gasoline,120#:No change in 56 days
    Surface resistance/Ω:1.0×10∧6-1.0×10∧9Ω
    Volume resistance/Ω:1.0×10∧6-1.0×10∧9Ω

    ▲Scope of application:Electronics, microelectronics, communications, computers, precision instruments, textiles, printing, powders, chemistry, organic solvents, gas and other factories that require antistatic on the walls, floors and oil storage tanks.

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