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Anion brick

Details Description

▲Negative ion eco-ceramic is a kind of bionic building material, which simulates the natural ecological environment, and can release the content of negative ions close to the forest, waterfall and other environments. It can effectively purify the indoor environment; it can purify the indoor air environment and effectively remove harmful substances such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde in the air, creating a healthy and comfortable space environment for you; sterilization promotes metabolism, relieves respiratory diseases, and enhances the body's resistance to diseases .

▲Main Specifications:
Negative ion release: 3310/cm3
Radionuclide limits for building materials:Internal and external exposure index standards comply with Class A decoration requirements
Combustion performance equals:Class A non-combustible  Wear resistance:0.19/100  Water absorption:<0.5%
Extreme cold and extreme heat resistance:15C-105C does not crack after 10 rapid cooling and heating cycles
Durability: After low temperature water immersion and baking, the amount of negative ions does not change
Flexural strength:The average value is not less than 27Mpa warpage: ±0.5mm%

▲Floor specifications:

▲Scope of application:

A:It is suitable for all kinds of indoor decoration commonly used in general ceramic tiles, more suitable for R living places such as home elderly, children's living bedrooms, indoor indoor office areas in large cities, hospitals and computer rooms and other industrial closed indoor decorative floors and walls.
B:Negative ion tea has the effect of eliminating fatigue, improving lung function, improving respiratory system, enhancing human immunity, improving sleep, promoting human metabolism, has obvious antihypertensive effect, and can also transform acidic water into weak alkaline water and other health functions.
C:Negative ion painting
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