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1.Anti-static raised floorFire-proof level,It shall meet the requirements of "Code for Fire Protection Design of Interior Decoration of Buildings".

2. The height of the anti-static raised floor should be determined according to the requirements of use.

(1) Only for routing: the basic size is 250mm.

(2) For wiring and air-conditioning wind storage: the basic size is 400mm. The removable panels of the floor can be interchanged, and have a high production accuracy, to ensure that the floor space is used as an air-conditioning air warehouse when it is required to be sealed.

3. The construction of the raised floor in the anti-static machine room is the final stage of building decoration.After the indoor ceiling board is laid, the ceiling lamps and vents are also installed, clean up the floor, and pave the raised floor (if there is insulation cotton and wire grooves, first lay insulation cotton and wire grooves).


4. The anti-static machine room floor is laid on the leveled cement mortar cushion. In order to reduce the height of the ground, when the structure floor is directly laid on the structural floor, the structural floor needs to be smooth, and spray the interface agent to solidify the concrete surface and make the ground Can't afford sand.

5. The floor surface should be soft, non-slip, wear-resistant and pollution-resistant.

6. After the floor is installed, it must be grounded, otherwise it will not play an antistatic role.