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4Industry information

1:Anti-static floorTo clean, first add a grinder and floor tiles to polish and clean the floor tiles, then use detergent to grind and clean the floor tiles.

2: After cleaning with cold water, the quick water machine sucks away the floor tiles.

3: After the floor tiles are thoroughly dried, uniformly apply antistatic static wax water.

4:The floor can be applied in front of 8 hours.

5: Do not scratch or drag on the surface of the floor tiles with sharp and unsmooth hanging objects to prevent the shoes with steel nails from walking on the floor tiles and keep the floor tiles smooth and smooth


6: Avoid placing tables and chairs and other objects with black and gray rubber underlays on the floor tiles. To avoid the waste of black gray sulfide on the floor tiles.

7: The surface of the board will be discarded by adhesives, rubber cart wheels, paint, fireworks and other organic substances, so be very careful. If there is no greasy dirt on the surface of the floor tiles, it can be cleaned with decontamination and detergents from the authority. If part of the surface layer is scratched and wiped, you can use fine water sandpaper to sand.

8: The board can fade and deform under long-term direct sunlight. They will also deform under long-term heating conditions, so a light-blocking curtain must be set.

9: The application of floor tiles should be kept dry, and do not infiltrate in the water for a long time, causing the floor tiles to open.