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All steel anti-static floorIt can prevent electronic components from being damaged due to static electricity, and can prevent fire or explosion when flammable and explosive gases and liquids need to be operated in laboratories.

For places where electronic equipment is concentrated, such as computer rooms and laboratories, if static electricity is not effectively controlled, it may cause very serious losses, especially in the semiconductor and electronic product industries, causing product damage and equipment failure, which will cause serious economic losses. It also consumes man-hours and even causes irrecoverable data loss. Therefore, solving static problems is a problem that must be faced in computer rooms, laboratories and other places.


The main structural forms of the all-steel anti-static floor are: PVC conductive black edge strips around; no PVC conductive black edge strips around; no black PVC edge strips, printed black edges around the HPL veneer, visually and edged floor after paving Similar; the four sides of the floor are inlaid with a new type F edge strip between the veneer and the steel plate.


According to the presence or absence of black conductive adhesive strips, it can be divided into two types: edge type and edgeless type, and edgeless type can be refined.

All-steel anti-static floor can be divided into non-standard type and national standard type according to whether it can meet the corresponding national standards.

1. All steel structure, high connection strength, strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance;

2. All raw materials have high-efficiency antistatic performance, which makes the floor antistatic performance stable and reliable;

3. Anti-static, wear-resistant, waterproof, fire-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion materials on the surface;

4. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly, convenient and long service life.