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4Industry information

1. Use environment:

layoutAnti-static floorRoom temperature and humidity control requires temperature: 10oc ~ 35oc, humidity 45% RH ~ 75% RH.

2. Decorated floor:

1. It is forbidden to squeeze hard objects, sharp objects, impact or scratch the decorative surface and plastic coating layer. Try to replace the soft soles when entering the venue. Degree; avoid direct sunlight to prevent premature discoloration and aging.

2. Do not use the suction plate to move the floor, it may fall off on the way; there may be sound when walking after the floor is laid, which is related to the installation of the floor and is not a performance problem of the floor itself.

3. When carrying items on the raised floor, it is forbidden to push objects directly on the board surface, causing direct friction between the object and the ground, causing scratches on the board surface.

4. When carrying items, use a cart with rubber wheels to carry or lay isolation pads between the contour of the object and the floor to prevent damage to the board.


5. When placing heavy objects on the raised floor, it should be placed steadily so as not to damage the floor; do not use overweight objects, which is easy to damage the floor.

6. When using and maintaining the equipment in the space below the floor, use the floor suction plate to install the floor. Take care to disassemble and disassemble the floor to avoid damage to the floor.

7. It is forbidden to rinse with water during use. Keep the board clean with a clean mop and rag. Be careful not to spill a lot of detergent liquid on the floor, so as to avoid the liquid flowing under the floor and affecting the normal operation of the lower lines and equipment.

3. Ventilated floor

During use, prevent scratches on the anti-static sprayed layer of the raised floor. If scratches are found, use gray paint to repair the brush to ensure the integrity of the coating. 2. Prevent small objects from falling into the vents of the ventilated floor (such as coins, keys) , Paper clips, pins, etc.) to avoid damage to the ventilation regulator equipment.